Does coating a device affect the Audio Jack? Charge Port? Or other internal components?

Our technology does not distort sound quality or affect the functionality of your device. Our coating is specially engineered to protect the vital components of electronics from accidental liquid [...]

What happens if I get a device wet? What do I do?

You have 2 options 1. Bring your device into iPhixshop and for only $19.99 we will open the device, remove all of the liquid, and recoat your device. 2. Follow the 3D’s 3D’s to [...]

How long does it take to coat a device?

Our rapid technology takes approximately 10 minutes from start to finish. From cleaning, to coating, and treatment you’ll be protected in minutes. The run time of the machine is approximate [...]

Can I take my device swimming or get it wet on purpose now that it’s coated?

No, the treatment is a preventative coating and is meant to protect the internal, vital components of electronics from liquid corrosion in the event of accidental liquid exposure. Just as you [...]

What do you mean “Lifestyle Waterproofing”?

“Lifestyle Waterproofing” is a term we use that refers to the situations that cause most electronics to become damaged. Our Liquicoat technology was designed as a preventative coating [...]

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