You have 2 options

1. Bring your device into iPhixshop and for only $19.99 we will open the device, remove all of the liquid, and recoat your device.
2. Follow the 3D’s
3D’s to remember for device protection success!

• Don’t Power – Turn off the device and then remove the battery, if possible. Leave the device without power for at least 4-5 hours.
• Don’t charge – Leave the device unplugged for at least 48 hours.
• Dry – Use a towel or dry cloth to wipe off any and all liquid. Shaking the device is not recommended – it is better to let the water evaporate naturally. Using a hair dryer can help ensure water dries faster internally. Please note to keep moving the dryer back and forth as to not burn the LCD. Once it’s warm to the touch stop heating. We are not liable for burnt LCD’s due to over heating.
it is recommended to bring your device into iphixshop to maintain full functionality of your device

Our Liquicoat is a specialized coating process that is meant to protect your electronic devices from damage resulting from accidental and incidental exposure to liquid. WE IN NO WAY SUGGEST OR RECOMMEND THAT YOUR DEVICE EVER COME IN CONTACT WITH WATER OR ANY OTHER TYPE OF LIQUID. We do not warrant nor guarantee that the coating of your device will work perfectly or that it will work under all conditions.